Tuesday, January 17, 2006

IDPA Events in Central Florida

For those interested in IDPA shooting in Central Florida-

IDPA in Lakeland-Lakeland Defensive Pistol Club is at http://www.southernexposuretraining.com/IDPA.htm

IDPA in Leesburg is at http://www.floridafirearmsinstruction.com/

IDPA in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami-Tropical Sport Shooting Association is at http://www.tssa.net/

IDPA in Jacksonville; Gateway Rifle Pistol Club is at http://www.grpc-jax.org/disciplines/idpa.htm

OPS IDPA in Polk County

IDPA in Orlando-Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club is at http://www.cfrpc.com/

IDPA in Pensacola-Northwest Florida Defensive Pistol is at http://nwfloridadps.topcities.com/

IDPA in Tampa-Florida West Coast Defensive Pistol Club is at http://www.fwcdpc.com

IDPA in Titusville is at http://http://www.titusvillegun.com/

IDPA in Winter Park-East Orange Shooting Sports is at http://www.eastorangess.com/

Basically, if your willing to drive, you can shoot every weekend.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Die Steel Targets!
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Tactical Reload! About the only thing I did really well today....
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Moving! Clear!
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Baa shooting on the move
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Ebbie drops all the steel targets in rapid order
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Dropping those steel targets!
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Ebbie engaging steel!
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Ebbie doing some action shooting
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Ebbie also upset with Bad Guys interfering with her lunch!
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I was just trying to enjoy my lunch...
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Use the cover you have available!
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Shooting on the Move! Hard than it looks!
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Elizabeth taking out the Bad Guys!
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So Uh...wtf is this?!! Yep, a sister blog to Clubbing Baby Seals... SHOOTING BABY SEALS!! But seriously folks, this is a place where we can put some pictures and talk about our shooting fun. I am your host, BAA! My wife is Ebbie. Many of my friends, including some of our frequent posters on Clubbing Baby Seals shoot pistols as a hobby. The above pictures are taken from Ebbie and I's first try doing an International Defensive Pistol association (IDPA) shoot. We did it down in Ruskin at the Guncraft Range with the Florida West Coast Defensive Pistol Club.

It was a very humbling experience. I pride my self as a decent shooter, but of course that was based on nice calm shooting at indoor ranges. The FWCDPC people had us moving, reloading, engaging multiple targets, all timed for score. It was high stress and a real eye opener. My ability to hold a 2" group at 15yards stationally does not translate into the ability to move fast and engage multiple targets. That said, it was way way cool and we both are looking forward to doing it again.

For the record
Ebbie was using her Springfield Armory XD 9mm Sub-Compact 3" barrel (and using it well I might add.)
I was using my Springfield Armory XD 9mm Service (4" barrel)
Both of us used Winchester White Box 115 grain 9mm

It's hard not to blaze away fast and furious. You are being timed, so you naturally you want to go fast. That said, IDPA scores on time and accuracy. My accuracy was all over the place, mainly because I tried to go too fast and most of the time did not get a proper sight picture. Important lesson learned! Shooting on the move with a pistol is NOT easy.

More later!